Deep conditioner for low porosity?

I need a deep conditioner that can be washed out by water. I had another one, but I found out honey lightens your hair (and it had honey in it.). So anything I could use with my kitchen items. And if it can darken my hair that's a plus.


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    What exactly do you want or need your concoction to do? Moisturise (add or increase water), reduce porosity, increase elasticity, strengthen, something else? That will dictate your ingredients.

    Saying water soluble only pretty much limits you to not using much oil or butter unless you use plenty of emulsifiers.

    Technically a conditioner is rich in the major emollients (fatty alcohols and cationic surfactants). These confer softness, slip, shine, are water soluble, act as emulsifiers. If you don't use these you are making a treatment not a conditioner.

    Furthermore only a small number of kitchen ingredients can penetrate, if you don't use anything penetrating your product is not having a 'deep' effect. Ingredients that can penetrate include gelatin (hydrolysed protein) and certain oils such as coconut and olive. There is a list of ingredients with molecules proven small enough to penetrate hair on the Natural Haven blog deep conditioning series.

    Only raw honey can lighten, if you heat it you destroy the enzymes that can release peroxide and so it will not lighten hair. Any sugar syrup can act as a humectant same as honey. Although not a kitchen item aloe vera is a humectant.

    Strong coffee may darken temporarily. Some find vinegar rinses lighten as can lemon juice when exposed to sunlight so steer clear of these.
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    I really wouldn't worry about honey lightening your hair. I used to be concerned about that, but it seems though that's only the case if you use it quite regularly. Once every couple of weeks or so shouldn't make a difference.

    I've only ever done it once myself, but that's mostly because I can't stand honey. At all. I thought it wouldn't be too bad, since obviously it was going on my hair and I wasn't eating it but, man, THE SMELL *shudders*. Yeah, I really hate honey haha.
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