Fuzzy winter hair?! Help!

MoonGoddessMoonGoddess Posts: 17Registered Users
So, I have fine hair, so its usually shiny and manageable, as long as its not super humid. For some reason since it has been deathly cold here in the east coast, my hair is getting this "fuzzy" look. (its not like frizz when its super humid) I don't know how to describe it. I'm not sure what to do. Should I change conditioners, or do a hot oil treatment?

Help! :-(


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    If you don't know how to describe it to get people to help you take a picture of your hair pointing out what is wrong with the curls.

    If your conditioners and styling products have things like glycerine in I would try and avoid them. Though first I would clarify before using new products to see if they work.
  • MoonGoddessMoonGoddess Posts: 17Registered Users
    Thanks blueblood! I will try to clarify with ACV
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    Could be what's referred to as halo frizz. I get that from polyquat buildup. It has a halo of frizz, even when wet??

    AVC won't do it. You need to clarify with a lowpoo, at the very least.
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    by 'fuzzy,' and that it's not frizz, do you mean a look like cotton candy? it could be that your hair is losing moisture in the low dews. if your products have glycerin in the first 5 ingredients, it will draw moisture from your hair in low dews.
    i also live on the east coast and what i do to avoid that 'cotton candy' look, aka, loss of moisture, is use a sealant. i leave in a heavier leave in, then add either jane carter nourish & shine or spiral solutions emollience butter. then i let it air dry. some days i add pattern pusha on when my hair is dry.
    from what i've observed, hair porosity seems to be a big factor in what you use to seal. it seems that high porosity hair likes oils, medium butters, and low porosity just emollient leave ins and stylers.

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    Also avoid products with salt in them. Salt is a curl booster, but if used too much it will dry out the hair.

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