What's with the mats?

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I've been doing no-poo for about two months now, and while I'm loving the way my hair looks, I'm noticiing that its getting mats in it! I've got 3c/4a curls, and now that I've stopped shampooing and piling tons gel in it and generally disturbing my curl pattern to try and make another (looser) one, my hair seems healthier and looks nicer...except for the stupid mats! What am I doing wrong?



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    Do you mean tangled spots? That could be the gel, an excess of it. Maybe you should give FOTEAVG (Fruit of The Earth 100% Aloe Vera Gel) a try since it's more moisturizing and it has helped some people loosen their curl a little, specially if mixed with 2-3 drops of coconut oil.
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    Also, what kind of conditioner are you using? You may need something more moisturizing or with more "slip" to detangle better.
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    yes, i mean EXTREMEMLY tangled spots. I feel like I'm grooming the cat--losing hairballs. :-) I'll try both these suggestions. The gel I'm currently using is kind of sticky, so maybe that's doing it. And my conditioner is really thick, so maybe it isn't penetrating like it should.

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    I also had a problem with extreme tangles. I realized I had a lot of build up so I used a baking soda rinse ( mix 1 tablespoon baking soda with 1 cup warm water; pour all over hair and leave on for a minute or two; rinse out and condition b/c it makes your hair rough) and it seems to have helped a bunch.

    I think -cones really help in making you have buildup.

    Also, when I had some mats I used a very fine-pointed pen ( and a little conditioner) to undo them. It sounds like your hair is doing what mine did because I would be combing out 'hairballs' until I did the pen thing.

    Hope that helps.
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