hair dye recommendations for CG

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Hey guys,

I've never died my hair before and am planning to go for it in a couple weeks (unfortunately I inherited my moms premature greying genes :/). I hennaed my hair over the summer and really enjoyed the results, but found that it didn't cover my greys very well, and the process of hennaing hair is very long. My hair is super healthy right now, which is why I've been holding out in dying it because I want to keep it healthy. Buut as i mentioned, the greys are getting too much and i want to see them no longer. Being CG (and also wanting to keep my hair healthy), are there any hair dyes you can recommend? I really appreciate any recommendations as I'm new to this! I don't want to go into the store and randomly pick a brand.


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    Shea moisture has a dye kit. They are an organic company so i assume their hair dye is safe. I've never tried it personally cuz Its sold in select targets not in my area. But I love their other products.

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    I hear henna is a good hair dye.
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    I also heard of shea moisture being good. Its pricey but I think its worth it. There's vegan semi and demi permanent dye that doesn't need any developer. This one I got at hottopic didn't damage my hair or nothing. It lasted longer than the permanent for me. It smells like bubble gum. It only comes in the funky colors. Since semi and demi only stain the top of the hair and won't lift the cuticle.

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    When you do a henna dye, you really need a henna with a high lawsone count. I assume the one you used had a rather low one, since it didn't cover the grays. What henna did you use?
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    sixelamy: I used henna that I got from Lush

    I looked up the shea moisture dye and it looks good! will have to check in my local target to see if they carry it. if not, any suggestions on regular brands I can buy? I would assume that those are obviously more harmful, but there's probably some that are better than others.

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