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3 years ago I got a horrible hair cut, and now I have a awkward "shelf" outer layer. It comes down to middle neck, white the ret of my hair comes down to almost BSL. It's horrible, and I've been wanting my hair to be long for forever. Any tips on getting long hair faster?


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    Start off with a nice trim. The key for getting longer hair is making sure that your ends are not splitting. So, with that being said, just be extra careful. Anything that snags you hair, throw it out; that includes brushes and combs. Try using a wide tooth comb or a nice set angling brush for curly/wavy hair. (I don't know what your hair looks like.) But, the key is to keep it away from the elements. Especially since it is starting to get cold.

    Buns work for me. I have one in now. :)

    Try different protective, low manipulation styles.

    Use minimum to no heat. I like to air dry. -- I rarely use heat. I recently started flat ironing roughly every three months to trim and see progression.

    Make sure you sleep on wear something satin or your head at night.

    Comb hair from the bottom up.

    Putting coconut or castor oil on the ends are great for them too.

    Messages of the scalp are believed to increase hair growth. Deep conditioning and hot oil treatments also. This also keeps the hair from breaking.

    Protein treatments are great too, but it depends on how your hair is. It can break some people's hair off if they use too much it any at all. But, ultimately they are suppose to make the hair temporarily stronger.

    All of the things to make the hair stronger are usually temporary...

    With that being said, your main goal should be to KEEP YOU HAIR HEALTHY. Try your best not to damage it.

    What is your hair type? I could probably help out more if I knew that. Especially if we have similar types.

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    I have 3c hair!
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    I would go to someone who really knows curly hair and have them try to even it out. I had the same thing going on with my hair too. Not much you can do about it without the right cut, curls do what they want.

    You can also try stretching the outer layer and see if that works. I'm not sure how one goes about doing this though.
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    sixelamy wrote: »
    You can also try stretching the outer layer and see if that works. I'm not sure how one goes about doing this though.

    To stretch you can place duckbill clips on the ends of curls as they dry. The weight will elongate them. You can also let wet hair in the shorter section dry in a braid or a twist (it's a braid but with two sections instead of three).

    To OP, getting a good haircut will probably be the best answer. This, unfortunately is a common complaint for most of us.

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