Should I ACV? Lemon rinse? Or :gulp: use a POO?

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I'm brand new to the CG thing, only about 2 weeks in. I started it with a clarifying poo, then doing a DT combo of burt's avocado butter + nexxus keraphix. I've only conditioner-rinsed, every 2-3 days since then, BUT...not wanting to buy even more product, I used VO5 kiwi lime co (which is too tangling by itself) and mixed in a little keraphix for the ends.

My hair should feel greasy by now (two weeks into CG), but it's more dry and straw-ish. After reading what feels like every post on these boards from the last 18 months...I'm pretty sure it's protein sensitivity/buildup. What is the best way to fix this?? I don't want to poo if I don't have to, because I feel like I will be starting from square 1 with the CG routine. I do have the CoN regular poo, but it even has a little milk protein in it.

Current options in the bathroom closet/kitchen pantry: (well, after eliminating the REALLY bad stuff)

CoN regular poo
Ouidad Curl Quencher poo
Suave Daily Clarifying poo (nooooo.....)

HE Moisturizing CO (found a sample - never used it)
VO5 kiwi lime CO
Ouidad Curl Quencher CO

Apple cider vinegar
Baking Soda

Help, please! I don't want to start from scratch if I don't have to, but my hair feels awful. Thanks!!

ETA: WOW. I was in love with the ingredients in the HE CO sample (no cones, no proteins, nothing harsh)...but after doing a quick search online, it appears they don't make CO's without cyclosomethingcone (the really bad one). So FYI, that's not the one I have. But I do only have a sample. :cry:
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    I'm not sure if ACV really does remove protein buildup but my hair is also sensitive to protein and for some reason I find that doing an ACV rinse seems to get my hair back to being softer.
    Maybe one of the other curlies can clarify (no pun intended) this.
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    OK..I am soo not up to par on proteins, etc...but I can tell you that I REALLY REALLY like my hair after I do that baking soda/water mixture thing.....I can't remember the exact ratios of each...but I put it in a spray bottle and slather it on after washing/conditioning....leave it on for a few minutes....and rinse it out.

    I thought it was clarifying (does that get proteins out? I am so not up to speed on WHAT it does to what....just gets rid of yucky stuff:) )

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