my hair always looks messy!

I'm relatively new to the curly world and I have been following everything in the curly guide book and not using silicones and scrunching and no shampoo etc. My hair always looks nice wet and then by the time it dries it looks cray and messy and curls going in every direction. I've tried picking it, running my fingers through it, re scrunching it. What to do?


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    Do you air dry or diffuse? This could help your hair dry better.
    Touching your hair when it's dry will make it frizzier, stopping doing that might help.
    You could try doing a deep conditioning treatment moisturise your hair, in case dryness is your problem.
    Is there any way you could Attach any pictures so we could see your hair?? This way we could see it and we could give you more suggestions :)
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    I think you need a devacut, either from devachan or a stylist who went through the course. You need someone to look at each curl and really clean it up so it looks less messy. Another tip is to style your hair absolutely soaking wet. The water promotes clumping which creates a neater curl. After your products are in, take a t shirt or microfiber towel and gently scrunch the excess water out. You can even apply a little more gel after that. Then let it air dry without touching it at all. Once it is 100% dry, SOTC gently.
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