Don't know what my hair type is

NontoePKNontoePK Registered Users Posts: 25
Hi everybody,

I've been having a hard time determining my hair type. It's very short, I completely shaved off my hair 3 months ago, and right now my hair forms what feels like little round balls to the touch by when scratched out it look tiny curls. This pattern, however, is not consistent through out my hair. Some of my hair just sticks out straight as if processed, which is very confusing considering that I shaved off all of my relaxed hair. They rest is just freezy

Straight from the shower, no product


After wash 'n go




  • curlymuffincurlymuffin Registered Users Posts: 29
    Your hair looks like mine whenever I first bc'ed. I consider myself a 4a/b.
    Just a Lurker...
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] :love7:
  • NontoePKNontoePK Registered Users Posts: 25
    Thank you :)

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