Spinoff of Sleepwear topic/Do you have an emergecny grab bag

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soory triple post :oops:
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    I am not paranoid enough to keep such a bag handy. I have a fire safe that holds our passports, birth certificates, important documents, and that is it. If my house is burning down, I really don’t care where my wallet and keys are. That is all easily replaceable. I am looking for my husband, the animals, and getting the hell out of there.
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    ok wait, where did my thread go that actually had my initial post in it? I triple poste accidentally but went back and edited the two mistakes but now the real thread that should be here is gone! help anyone.? anyone? Bueller?
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    FreeCurls wrote:
    anyone? Bueller?

    no it's Cameron and I can't help you because
    "you sir, are an ...."
    (great quote, but I don't mean you) :wink:
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    No. I did when I was on the ship, but that was ingrained by an officer I was living with. I do have a photo album thats next to my bed that I would try to grab, but other than that it can all be replaced.
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