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So my hair's been...thirsty...we'll go with that...and sticking up everywhere. I think, well maybe if I do a protein treatment of some sort it will...quench my hair's thirst....anyway, I use the curly girl method and was wondering if I do a treatment would rinsing it out and then washing it with the baking soda and ACV clean it out or would my hair smell like mayo and vinegar? Would using a cleansing conditioner work better or should I try something else to keep my hair hydrated?Thanks for your help :)
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    I would NOT use baking soda or apple cider vinegar on my hair. Both can be VERY drying because they're used to clarify the hair. While I've never used baking soda, I know for a fact that apple cider vinegar will completely dry out your hair making it brittle & hard. It will also make your hair shed. To get the same results, you can clarify with a sulfate shampoo without the dryness, brittleness or shedding. But a sulfate shampoo will clarify your scalp.
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    You don't list you hair properties but mayo is extremely oily and heavy. I think you'd be better off getting a treatment packet from Sally's for $2 or so. Depending on your properties, you may need a moisturizing treatment following a PT. also, most protein can't enter the hair shaft, it fills in holes in the cuticle from the outside, so clarifying after is probably just going to wash it all off. I always clarify before a PT and my fine hair pretty much never needs a DT after.

    Baking soda and ACV should be fine for most people if used correctly and only occasionally. Both do have the potential to be harsh.
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    Baking soda is horrible for skin and hair, even in moderation since the hair prefers pH ~4.5 and skin ~5.5, plus it raises the cuticle so you risk losing much of the protein you just deposited. Don't understand the mayonnaise reference in this context, that is an oil treatment not a protein treatment?

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    Vinegar will not "certainly" make your hair hard, or shed. That depends on your hair and water. I use vinegar daily, I have a spray bottle with vinegar diluted in distilled water that I spray over my conditioner every time I wash, thus helps add bounce and shine to my hair, and I have no dryness at all doing this.

    I will often add baking soda to my shampoo when I wash before a pt, and I add vinegar to my gelatin mix for my pt. I wouldn't do either afterwards though, I just use the conditioning to remove the treatment

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