Growing out and into trouble

MaxMüllerMaxMüller Posts: 9Registered Users
I've been growing my hair out from a buzzcut for about 5 months now and in the last 2 months i have been concerned with a few things.

First of all, i've been noticing small hairs falling out alot.
Just going through it with my hands, or combing it with a wide tooth comb in the shower.
Often they're just shed hairs, but even more often they're small, like half length or less, hairs with a little white bulp in the end.
Is this breakage? Try to see if you can tell from the pictures.

Also, i have no idea how to style my hair.
All my life ive been sort of "fighting" the curls because i never liked my ringly curl type, i always thought it doesnt suit me. I wore hats a lot and when my hair got longer they sort of layed nicely.
Since my hair isnt long enough for it to hang down on it's own i have to style it somehow .
What i do now is, i comb my wet hair with a wide tooth comb and part it. Then i wait for about 10 minutes and Blow dry(with a nozzle) it with COLD air while i comb it with my fingers, so that it doesnt curl up too much and lays alright.

This is like a 50/50 game and sometimes it looks good and sometimes just horrible.
anyway, i hope you guys can give me some tips.
The pictures are from today's wash, with bad result.
The lighting is altered.

Big thanks!

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  • KaitAleeseKaitAleese Posts: 37Registered Users
    I'm not an expert or anything but I've read in a couple different places that if you're seeing the white bulb on the end of the strand then it is shedding and not breakage. So I don't think you have to worry too much about that. Maybe you can try hair clips, flowers/bows, or headband if you are going for a more feminine look, but I don't know your personal style so that is a bit hard to answer. I had a short cute like 1 or 2 inches all over a few years ago and when I decided I was over it I just wore it pulled back in headbands until it was long enough for some baby pigtails. Hope this helps some.
  • MaxMüllerMaxMüller Posts: 9Registered Users
    Yeah that's what i thought too, but they're so tiny sometimes, like a fifth of my normal length. weird.
    Haha, should have said so in the post but, im a guy so i wouldn't run around with flowers in my hair.
    But im looking for a style that loosens my curl a bit without making it dry or causing breakage.

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