Help. Always exhausted



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    ^ See? See how tired you are???

    (is there a "tsking" finger-wagging smilie?)
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    Just want to chime in for how much of an affect stress can have on you physically. There's no harm in getting your blood work done, and taking a vitamin...but don't panic if they don't find anything. I was finishing my dissertation for my PhD last summer, while also working full time at a job that was stressful at the time (going through a merger/acquisition), and bought a house with my boyfriend. It was nuts. I was having all kinds of, um, digestive issues, and feeling sick in the evenings very regularly.

    As soon as I finished school, I saw some MAJOR improvements. And I was also able to start getting some more regular exercise (even if it's just a walk--SOMETHING can really help).

    My big advice is to find some "me time" a few times per week. Whatever it is, pencil it in, and don't feel guilty about it. An exercise class like Yoga or kickboxing, or do a hobby of some kind, or even just leisurely watch a favorite TV show...but JUST do that one thing, for yourself, and not thinking about anything else. Looking back now, I realize how much better I felt when I was doing something like that, as compared with when I thought I was just too busy.
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    I'm in central CA and valley fever is a serious issue here. Untreated and you can die. How do you feel now? Normal?

    Other than the fact I'm currently recovering from the flu and a sinus infection, yep. It was a terrible 3 months, though, where I wasn't really sick - I was just incapable of functioning. It was the kind of lethargy often associated with depression except I wasn't depressed. I actually mentally checked in with myself "am I depressed and just don't realize it?" but realized that, nope, I was still normal on the emotional scale.

    The VF test was inconclusive for me because there were some positives, but having grown up here that is normal - nothing showed up as it being an active problem. And yet, it's so poorly understood that it was possible the levels shown were enough to affect me, but not enough to go on the hard core meds.
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    ^^ happy you are feeling better. I've never even heard of that (but I don't like in CA)
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    Got my vitamins. I picked up two kinds (one was only $1.56 at Target, I think it was mismarked)

    Nature Made, Multi for her
    New Chapter, one woman's daily

    I must say, it was EXTREMELY hard not to get gummies or chewables. They looked so tempting.
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    scrills wrote: »
    Got my vitamins. I picked up two kinds (one was only $1.56 at Target, I think it was mismarked)

    Nature Made, Multi for her
    New Chapter, one woman's daily

    I must say, it was EXTREMELY hard not to get gummies or chewables. They looked so tempting.

    I could easily OD on vitamins with the gummies and chewables. #cantstoptakingthem

    I know the lethargy you're talking about scrills. I hope you feel better soon
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    I hope you feel better soon!

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    I started my vitamins last night. I'm not sure if I have a little more energy today because of that (doubt it, too soon) or because I'm excited about the mascara trick from Pinterest I'm trying out, LOL.

    I have been taking note of how many times I wake up during the night and why. I need to make some adjustments

    Setting my alarm closer to the actual time I need to get up. An hour of snooze prob isn't helping

    @Kat, that is very true. I've been trying to get a "to do" and "Ideas" lists. If I have it captured there I can at least rest at night
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    I think you're probably stressed, or mildly depressed, and its manifesting itself in exhaustion. You may be keeping yourself busy to avoid facing emotion head on, and your body trying to sleep is its way of going into hiding.

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