Has anyone participated in the Genographic Project 2.0?

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I got my results in today and I'm so surprised at my genetic breakdown! It traces my DNA back 137,000 year! It's awesome. The sad part is that one of my first thoughts was "Oh look, I'm mostly Mediterranean (33%) so maybe hair products from there will work for me!" LOL :geek:
Medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity :shock:


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    That's so cool!!!! Did you know much of the breakdown before having it done?
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  • sKorpio1190sKorpio1190 Posts: 1,862Registered Users
    Nope! I didn't know anything! All I knew was that I'm Colombian, Puerto Rican and Mexican. So imagine my surprise to see this breakdown!
    Medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity :shock:
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    How much did it cost?
    montage-3.gif No MAS.

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  • sKorpio1190sKorpio1190 Posts: 1,862Registered Users
    Medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity :shock:

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