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I have been highlighting my hair blonde - I have long 3B spirals - (think Felcity/Taylor Swift)... anyway, since I have been doing this, I noticed recently that the crown of my hair, mainly on the sides of my face, is getting more wavy... this is worrying me! I am not planning to re-highlight for a long time, shooting for more of the "beachy blonde ombre" look for summer. What could I do in the meantime to help the spirals come back in the front? I am thinking K-Pak re-constructor? Or is there something better available? I use Ojon deep conditioners, Kerastase...and Ouidad for styling. I welcome any tips or advice. I am worried about my curls.
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    You could try some proteïn, and maybe clipping or plopping for more volume?
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    That happened to me when I highlighted, but an overnight coconut oil treatment and a Gelatin protein treatment; followed by a good moisture Rinse out conditioner did the trick for me. HTH 8)
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