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(I know that it's a loooong post but I really need help ...)
hey curlies ! I need help because i'm just starting my hair journey and I don't know what are the best products for my hair type . My hair is 4a, 4b , 4c (mostly 4c ) and it's very thick and coarse, tangled and dry allllllll the time. I've never relaxed my hair because my mother never allowed me too but I DON'T know how to care for my hair. Wash days are a NIGHTMARE because I lose so much hair and my hair is so dry and hard to manage. My mother always say that I have "Kunta Kinte hair" or "bad hair"... I don't like dealing with my hair so it's in weaves and braids 100% of the time. Plus, I'm a student so I'm on a budget and I don't have money to buy expensive hair products. ( Like Miss Jessie's) . I live in France and here , in the black community only curly hair, biracial hair (3 type hair) is accepted. Lightskinned , curly-headed girl are the beauty standard . Black , dark-skinned girls like us are considered as "ratchet", "dirty , ugly" ... This doesn't help when you want to be confident :) If I went to school with my real hair as it is right now , people would probably make fun of me . But I'm tired of having to braid and weave all the time. All races wear their natural hair, why us black girls are forced to hide our natural texture ? I'm tired to live on society beauty standars, so now I want to step up and wear my natural hair. But I need your help ! I've tried the ElastaQP Shampoo and it made my hair feel like straw. I think I'm going to have this regimen :
- Prepoo : Henna that I will leave overnight
- Wash in twists with HairVeda Amala Deep Cleanse
- Deep condition with MyHoneyChild Honey Hair Mask
- Detangling with flaxseed gel and a cheapie conditioner
- Moisturize with the LOC Method : My cheap conditioner , Olive Oil and MyHoneyChild Sophia's old fashioned grease.
What do you think ? I will be so glad if the wonderful ladies in here took the time to answer me :happy6::happy6::happy6::happy6:
(Sorry If my english is not perfect , I'm in highschool and I'm still learning english ! :oops: )


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    I wouldn't use henna to prepoo every time you washed your hair, unless you only want to wash your hair once a month. I think too much henna can dry your hair out. Also, I don't think you are supposed to shampoo your hair after you henna. If I'm not mistaken you need to cowash it out. If you want a better prepoo I use coconut oil. Try to create a simple regime like wash, condition, and style. Then work your way up to adding steps like henna treatments, and prepoos.
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    Use a Sulfate free shampoo and silocone free to wash hair. Check/google the Curly Girl Method
    book. Can't remember author name. The best moisturizer, actually the only one, is WATER. Oils do not moisturize per se but help seal the water in your hair, the enhance the moisturizing process. Try to Cowash (using silicone free conditioner) no more than 2x a week, and deep condition at least once a week. I would skip the henna for now as your prior commentator suggested. Flaxseed gel is an excellent curl styler. Try ratio of 4 tbsp of it with 1 tbsp
    Jojoba oil or avocado oil or maybe pure Shea butter (this one may need to be melted a bit and mixed in a blender): and use it on washed/conditioned wet hair. Use your fingers to rake it through your hair. Shake hair to loosen curl and let air dry. U may need to adjust amounts based on hair length and trial/error. On no wash days, refresh hair with a spray bottle of water. I may suggest half water half aloe Vera juice.
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    Also my hair is 4a so my curls form more easily than 4b or 4c hair. If your hair is more 4bc you may consider twisting or braiding you hair after washing and then after it dries overnight, undo the twists or
    Braids. This will give you hair more shaped curls.
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    First I want to say congrats on deciding it's okay to be the beautiful black woman God made you to be. Your hair is not bad or ugly. If someone has a problem with your hair it's their problem.

    Typcially, we like people to try to figure out their hair properties before suggesting products. For example my hair is protein sensitive so certain proteins make my hair feel like straw. Henna acts like protein and can be very drying. I have to do several days of conditioning after henna to get my moisture protein balance right. I actually use EVOO for prepoos.
    Also look at your products and start of journal of what works for you and what doesn't. Often there will be one or two ingredients in common that your hair doesn't like. Once you figure that out you will save a lot of money. I personally would never buy most Miss Jessie's because my hair loathes silicones and mineral oil. Another thing is you may have to look at how often you wash your hair. Some people can wash once a week. I have never been able to do that. My minimum is once a week shampoo with at one or three cowashes in between depending on the weather. On days I don't wash I spritz my hair with a homemade water/conditioner mix.
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    Hi my sister has the same hair type& hair issues that you have , the good news is bc your hair hates mostly everything when you find your staple products your search can end. The bad news is u may have to try alot of products your hair dont like b4 you find your staple.

    Coming on here is a good start i would search the forum for similar posts (there are a good amount ) for more info.

    As far as my sister goes she likes shea butter, kinky curly knot today, and water.

    I will ask her to come on here and post her regimen she has been doing alot of protective styles b/c she is due to have her first child any day now. But hopefully she will make a quick post.

    About France, i have been mad @ them since they banned "think like a man". About their standard of beauty....they sound alot like the western standard (shame shame shame) but don't let that put you.

    Wearing you kinkss,coils,and curls will be so BOLD that everyone wont help but to respect it, you will be glad you did.there is something about doing that, that brings out confidence you never thought existed. Sure you may get a stupid comment here and there but i am sure you will get way more compliments especially if you are the only person with that texture wearing your hair. Most off the time its jealousy because they want your hair. Go out there and wear that beautiful head of hair we are all behind you.

    ETA:i subcribed so i can keep up with your post be sure to keep us posted on your journey

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