How should I straightenen my hair?

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Hello, I would like to straighten my hair soon so that I can get my hair cut. My hair is waist length and I need to get 5 inches cut off due to heat damage. My hair hasnt been straightened in 11 months and thats an all time record for me. I would like to straighten my hair more often but dont want heat damage. Should I roller set or blow dry my hair? I would like to purchase a blow dryer with comb and brush attachments, is that ok to use? Is my hair too long for roller setting? Any advice is appreciated? Thank you!


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    Personally I don't like roller sets with long hair, because its a hassle and not worth the bargain. However buying a blow dryer with a comb attachment only adds to the damage due to the direct force of heat applied to the strands of hair. But there are plenty of other methods you can try for drying your hair before flat ironing. And YouTube would be a good place to check out some ways. Personally I prefer the tension method and leaving my hair fairly dry with a small amount of moisture left, that way when I straighten it my hair would be dry and crusty. And also don't forget your heat protectant!!(:
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    When I am going to flat iron I usually wash and condition and after I shower I apply some type of serum, I like the Chi silk infusion. Then I let my hair air dry to cut down on some heat and having to use a blow dryer. If I want to cut down on the drying time I use a microfibre towel when I get out of the shower.

    I then set my flat iron on the lowest setting possible to achieve straight hair, for me that is 350, if you don't have to use your flat iron on the hottest setting then don't.

    Before I flat iron I section my hair and I spray on some heat protectant on each section.
    I use a boar bristle brush and pull that through my hair as I'm pulling the flat iron down my hair. This brush tends to make my hair nice and soft.
    Then if need be I finish off with a bit more serum.

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