Flat hair :-(

PufPuf Posts: 28Registered Users
Hi, my hair tends to get flat in the crown of my head. I've tried to use clips to lift it up but it is really hard to get it right...
Do you experience the same flatness?? Can you help me fix it, so I'm not flat in the back?? Thank you so much!!

Ps. The picture are from a realt bad hair day. My hair usually curls more in general, but the top flatness is the same...

/Puf :)

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  • mandy318mandy318 Posts: 14Registered Users
    I don't have any advice, but my hair does the same thing. Mine is much shorter. I have a hair appt Monday and I'm hoping a good cut will help mine. Maybe long layers?

    Your hair is beautiful!!
  • PufPuf Posts: 28Registered Users
    It's really annoying :-/ And I can't keep my head upside down while my hair is drying ;)
    Strange that it's only in the top back - wish there was some sort of magic trick. It looks silly that it's curly all over the place... except on the top...

    Thank you! - yours too :)

    I cut my hair today (or just my split ends) and after my next hair wash I'll see if it has helped...
    Looks like this now 2012-12-01 15.22.25.jpg 2012-12-01 15.23.14.jpg
    It is even - it's just my lifted arm that makes it look uneven see from the front I guess ;)
    /Puf :)

    Modified CG since Feb. 2012
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  • KorkscrewKorkscrew Posts: 1,834Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Can relate. Even with layers my hair tends to fall in my face. But my shortest layers, which frame my face and crown area, help remove some of the weight that makes things flop.
  • boing!boing! Posts: 45Registered Users
    my hair is exactly like that, too! what helps me is diffusing my hair and scrunching while i do it (i use jessicurls' method that i found on this site - my hair has never been bigger!) or else i pineapple if it's too late/i'm too tired and that helps a bit.

    i've also heard using duck clips at the crown while your hair is drying helps, but i've never tried that.

    i tend to keep my hair just above the shoulders with some shorter layers and that keeps my hair voluminous. when i had mid-back-length hair, the top of my head was really flat.
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  • KorkscrewKorkscrew Posts: 1,834Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Puf wrote: »
    I've tried to use clips to lift it up but it is really hard to get it right...

    Puf, was just re-reading your OP, about this advice for us curlies to use clips for root lift. Seems like the clips just create more work than necessary. I mean why not simply cut the hair a little shorter than it already is for more volume, instead - after all, that's what the clips do anyway (lift the hair so it looks shorter)? And so I just cut it shorter in the crown and front these days for the same effect :)

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