Need Badly: Old CA Baby Body Wash for Super Sensitive Scalps

JustineHHJustineHH Posts: 15Registered Users
I'm interested in anything that was bought at least six months ago.



  • Kinky22Kinky22 Posts: 12Registered Users
    Sorry I can't help you! Mine were bought in the past few months after I used up the first batch. I love using it on my face and to wash my daughter. I am curious, though. Have any of the ingredients changed?
  • JustineHHJustineHH Posts: 15Registered Users
    Yes they have. You'll notice the body wash has a yellow tint to it and it has a chemical smell. Unlike six months' ago product when it was the color of water and had no smell whatsoever.

    Once again, the chemical they added I'm allergic to.
  • Kinky22Kinky22 Posts: 12Registered Users
    Yes, I notice the yellowish tint. I remember wondering why the color looked darker when I got my order last time. Now I know they changed the formula--my eyes weren't playing tricks on me! I just lined the bottle up next to the CB super sensitive bubble bath, which is at least 7 months old. The bubble bath is clear.

    Good luck finding an older one! The only thing I can think of is if you're unable to find a seller here, you may want to contact California Baby directly to see if they still have any of the old bottles.

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