Newbie Going Through Alot with Newly Natural Hair

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Hey new curly friends :) My name is Savana and I have just started wearing my hair natural. I have had it pressed ever since I can remember and now I am 15 and want to take control of my hair. However, I have know I idea what hair type I am. When I first washed my hair a few years ago by myself my hair shrunk to the bottom of my neck but was wavy and curly and was very puffy when I blow dried it. Hair is only shoulder length just so you know. I of course got it done again but a few days ago I washed my hair with the L'Oreal intense nourishing shampoo and conditioner and my hair got VERY puffy after washing it and even puffier when I combed it and I was like :cwm10: :tongue7: I thought I had 3b hair but my hair told me other wise. But I was determined and washed it again a few days later with the same shampoo but mixed chicks conditioner and the results was TOTALLY different from before, curly on the outside and puffy on the inside so can someone help me figure out why my hair is so different and unidentifiable? Is it because of the long time of getting my hair done? (no relaxers or perm just hot comb flat iron and blow dry) Is it because of the L'Oreal shampoo? Thank you for the help in advance :)
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    Welcome, Savana! This site was really helpful to me when I was first learning about hair types: Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics There's much to learn. Not only about products, but techniques.

    Most of us don't comb our hair unless it's in the shower with lots of conditioner. If I manipulate my hair during the drying time, it always gets frizzy and poofy. I comb the curl out and encourage the frizz. I rake in my products while my hair is still very wet, scrunch a little the keep my hands out of it while it air dries. If I'm in a hurry, I'll diffuse a little.

    Your hair may have some heat damage from the flat iron. You may need a few deep treatments before you start seeing results. Hang in there, read as much as you can and be patient! You'll find the right combination of products and techniques that will work best for your hair!
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    Welcome!! ^^
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    welcome, CurlyCarmel!

    That link mhen76 provided has lots of good info! She right -- all the heat you're adding to your hair may have caused heat damage, making your curls look different. Try some of your favorite deep conditioner to nurse your curls back to health. Sometimes the curls never quite bounce back though... :/

    Check out this infographic on the 10 Curl Commandments --> The 10 Curl Commandments

    And some general tips for your hair --> Curly Hair Growth Chart

    Hope these help! Keep us updated
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