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i recently bought kinky-curly products the detangling conditioner works great and makes my hair feel soft plus with the kinky curly curling custard works awesome i dont know if its me or maybe i am not washing my hair right but after i use the shampoo my hair feels greasy i used it twice so far but i don't know if that how its suppose to be or maybe because my hair isn't use to it. i was thinking of changing shampoo but their website says that the products wont work if i use a different product. i would appreciate for some suggestions about what i should do? stop using come clean shampoo or change shampoos?


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    I love KCCC, which I bought with KCKT. The KCKT is a hohum product for me: it works okay, but doesn't seem to be anything special.

    I got the shampoo when I saw it in a store while visiting my mother. It worked great there, but when I got home, it turned out to be a dud with our hard water. After a few tries, I just chucked it. Life is too short.

    So, long story short, I think every haircare producer wants you to use their whole product line. They may well have intended for all the products to work best together. However, that doesn't make it so for you and me. If I had to use the other products with it, I wouldn't be using KCCC, so I think they're better off having me a happy customer for that one product.

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    thanks! i'm glad i wasn't the only one with the problem now ii know i dont have to use KCCC

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