Pixie Cut with Curls?

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Hello again! So, I've been wanting a pixie cut for a year. Everytime I decide I will do it, I find something negative about it and change my mind. I've said I just cut my hair above my shoulders, and it doesn't bother me apart from jealousy of not being able to do buns and high ponies. But I need easier hair to deal with every day. The only problem is, how would it work out with curly hair? That's my biggest issue in deciding. I want the pixie to be straight, not crazy afro. I have straight roots and it starts to get wavy going down, then curly. As it grows out, what would happen? Could I get it straight?
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    Ermm.. probably not. Most people's hair actually gets curlier as it gets shorter...

    But you really never know until you try, really. Chin/cheek-length curly is also cute though, so if you're looking into shorter, depending on your face shape, you might like one of those. :)
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