Layering products?

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Hi all!

I'm back with yet another question. As I'm slowly building up a collection of products that seem to work well on my hair, I'm now realizing that I need to consider the order in which I put things in my hair and the amount of time I allow products to soak into my hair. I've been assuming that I have normal porosity hair but I read a description of someone's "low porosity" hair that rang a bell. She said that when she wrings the water out of her hair after a shower, it feels very dry. Does that tell you anything about porosity? I tried the tests but couldn't really tell very much. I've only applied heat to my hair a handful of times in my life so I guess it's reasonable to assume it might not be too porous.

This new discovery made me question my routine. I tend to rinse with cold water upside down, then get out and try to squeeze some of the water out before adding a leave-in. Then I seal with EVOO and add LAL gel on top. I do it all in one go, but if I have hair that is less porous, would it make more sense to give my hair time to absorb the leave-in before adding anything else?

If that's the case, do any of you have suggestions about how to put up your hair while its in that "soaking wet, product filled state?" I'd rather not plop at that point because that seems to rub too much product off my hair.

Sorry about this book of a post! Any insights are most welcome!


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    I don't have an answer, sorry! I'm bumping this thread for you! :)
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    My hair has a mix of low/med/high porosity, and it's medium textured (some are still fine, though!)

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    * represents my HGs!!! Finally!!!
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    :) Thanks!

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