Getting all scientific up in here: ACV

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Does anyone know what doing an ACV rinse actually does for the hair scientifically? I get AMAZING clumps, tighter curl pattern and shiny results from doing them but it fades after a few days. It sort of does for me what some claim a gelatin PT does. I've tried the gelatin and it def loosens my curls WAY to much. I'm wondering if I can somehow figure out a way to get the same results by figuring out what is it in ACV that gives my hair the boost it needs without doing them rinse style. Thoughts? Am I crazy? I'm in hyper nerd mode.
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    That's interesting. Maybe your hair likes the acidity? I know mine doesn't lol, those rinses are hell on my hair. ^_^
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    From what I have read the ACV is slightly acidic and when you do the rinse it closes the cuticle and returns the phone of the hair/scalp back to slightly acidic (where washing w/ surfactants or BS makes the hair slightly alkaline.)

    My hair likes ACV rinses as well. My hair seems much curlier after I lo-poo w/ BS and rinse w/ ACV and it is also very shiny.
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