can someone share with me there own hair routine ?

MissLunaMissLuna Posts: 2Registered Users
Hi everyone , i am a curly headed girl , i was all of my Life :toothy7: .. i finally embraced my curls but after a whole year of straightening :/ & i use to relax my hair in the past too ..

we all had our experiences , & i learned from mine ! i want my curly hair & i Love it .. i just started my journey of wearing my hair curly .. but it hasn't been easy at all :/ i simply don't know what to do exactly ! i tried couple of products , but i don't know how or when to use them to get best results .. that's why i need your help Ladys !

first, my hair is not in a healthy stand right now which is normal since I've been damaging it with heat & chemicals over the years .. thats why i want to wear it naturally ..

so can you share your routine with me to get bouncy curls ? share tips with me ? please i really need some help here !!

Thanks you so much for reading.


  • InaEvaInaEva Posts: 61Registered Users
    After you wash & detangle, try ISO bouncy creme (while your hair is still wet). It gives me bounce!
    Mulatto, Long 3B Hair
  • MissLunaMissLuna Posts: 2Registered Users
    InaEva wrote: »
    After you wash & detangle, try ISO bouncy creme (while your hair is still wet). It gives me bounce!

    thing is i Don't have this product on my Country :/ .. all we got here is regular drugstore brands like Lorial , Garnier , Pantene etc ...

    Thanks so much for your time thu :)
  • curlyfriesscurlyfriess Posts: 5Registered Users
    after the shower,
    1)let it air dry, make sure its completely dry
    2)put on some hair creme (i use sunsilk) and gel.
    3)french braid your hair into sections, i do two and it doesn't have to be braided well.
    4)sleep on it
    5) unbraid your hair and position your curls, if you have bangs i do mine with a curling iron because i trim my bangs more often..
  • 83croissant83croissant Posts: 14Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I basically do the "Curly Girl" method, as described in the book by Lorraine Massey and on probably outlined on this website somewhere. If you commit to going silicone and shampoo free, your hair will look weird for a while, especially if it's damaged, but looking at the before and after pictures some people have it seems like it's worth it.
  • bellaviebellavie Posts: 64Registered Users
    I feel ya! I've had to learn the hard way. I posted my current process. Hope this helps.
    3b to 4a?

    My Routine
    Pre-Poo:Conditioner & Avocado Oil or Jamaican Black Caster Oil or Coconut Oil
    Co-wash - One Hair for Dry Hair
    Moisturize - Coco curls or beija flore creme brulee
    Leave In - Shea Moisture Enhancing Smoothie
    Gel - Kinky Curly Custard, Deva Spray Gel
    Seal ends - Castor Oil

    Weekly Routine:
    Deep Conditioner - Moroccan Oil Deep Conditioner or Caster Oil & Coconut Oil

    Last Relaxer May 2006
  • Amethyst_KissesAmethyst_Kisses Posts: 67Registered Users
    Washing with herbal essences HIS shampoo and conditioner twice a month

    A protein treatment for 3 minutes

    Dc with creme of nature argan oil and gloss and shine polisher for 20 mins

    Moisturizing and sealing with creme of nature argan oil -gloss and shine polisher and oil moisturizer every 3 days

    Oil my scalp every 3 days with WGHO mixed with 40 drops of evoo and 20 drops of extra dark JBCO

    I do the greenhouse effect nightly

    While my hair is braided I use creme of nature leave in spray every 3 days

    And eco styler Moroccan argan oil gel to hold my styles
  • Laney1Laney1 Posts: 308Registered Users
    1) Wash with a no-poo or low-poo shampoo (no sulfates) there are some drug store brands, but I use Devacurl No poo. You can order that on-line.

    2) put in conditioner (I use Devacurl OneC), but you can probably find a nice drugstore brand. I finger comb it through and I leave most of it in my hair.

    3) scruch hair with a micro-fiber towel or t-shirt. don't use a regular towel and only scrunch it (no massaging it)

    4) I use Curl Keeper (order on-line) as a base before Gel or curl cream. I rake it through with fingers.

    5) I rake through some gel. There are a lot of drugstore brands, so you'll have too see what works. I use AG Re:coil sold at salons.

    Diffuse or air dry and don't touch it until it completely dry. After it's dry, scrunch the crunch out and you're good to go!

    That's basically the CG method.

    3)apply product to very wet hair with fingers
    4) dry and don't touch until dry
    5) scrunch out crunch and go
    3B, with some 3C
  • forevercurly96forevercurly96 Posts: 44Registered Users
    Hey. I think I mostly have 3B/C curls. This is my routine.

    After freshly washed hair usually using conditioner only I squeeze out the excess water and part my bangs. If I don't part my bangs while its wet then they will not co-operate. Anyway I proceed to put in my leave-in conditioner. Right now I'm using Blue Magic carrot oil. It isn't like a vaseline texture but it's a liquid base. I try to change my leave in conditioner every other month.

    I define my curls using the rake and shake method. You pretty much take a section of hair finger comb it and before you drop it grasp the ends and shake it. You can research it if you want. Then I let it air dry. I do not use a diffuser. One because of heat and two it doesn't co-operate with my hair lol.

    Hope I helped and happy curly days.
  • JJJungleJimJJJungleJim Posts: 60Registered Users
    I have 3B/3C hair that is artificially coloured.

    I usually do a co-wash every 2 - 3 days. Sometimes I use a sulfate-free
    shampoo like Tigi Catwalk Curlesque or Aveeno Pure Renewal. Maybe once a month I will use a sulfate shampoo, usually Redken Colour Extend.

    For rinse-out conditioner, my favorite is Yes to Cucumbers. Another good one is Matrix Moisture Hydration. Tigi used to make a good cone-free rinse-out called Tigi Bedhead Moisture Maniac, but of course they discontinued it. :-(.

    After rinsing out, I squeeze as much water as possible out of my hair. Then I do some towel drying. I first put in Yes to Carrots leave-in, followed by KCKT leave-in/detangler. Then I comb it with a wide-tooth comb. Then add a mousse, usually Tigi Catwalk Curlesque light mousse. That mousse has cones, but the amount that is deposited in my hair is minimal, because it is a foam and because I have already put the non-cone leave-ins in my hair.

    I just let my hair air dry after that. I basically follow the above procedure after swimming. I always wear a bathing cap but that does not keep my hair completely dry whilst in the pool.

    For 2nd/3rd day hair, I have a spray bottle with distilled water with some Yes to Carrots leave-in. I mist my hair and let it air dry.

    On the whole, I am pleased with the results, But I'm always experimenting with new stuff and procedures.
    3B/3C hair, very dry
    coloured strawberry blonde with lighter blonde and red stripes

    "I've had enough. This is my prayer. That I'll die living just as free as my hair."
  • generositytgenerosityt Posts: 245Registered Users
    Mine is very simple and fast,
    - co-wash
    - leave in lots of conditioner, my hair literally drinks up anything you put in it so I saturate it with conditioner.
    - I seal the moisture with a mix of olive oil, coconut oil and a little bit of glycerin and little bit of honey
    - sometimes I use some gel over that sometimes I don't (depending on whether I want very defined curls or more like a big hair kind of curls)
    - section my hair to 4 or 5 sections and brush each one with a denman brush to even out the distribution of the products and to give the curls more clump.
    - I turn my hair upside down without too much movement and then let it air dry.
    A Mediterranean 3b lady
    In love with my curls, love love love
    CG since Nov/07

    Co-Wash: VO5, Tresemme naturals, Fructis naturals
    Cond: Nature's Gate conditioners
    Stylers: Lotions made at home with coconut oil, honey, AVG, vegetable glycerin, OO, and EO.
    Gel: LA Looks sports gel for high humidity days.

    Hair goal: Waist length healthy curls

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