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I am trying not to go for a haircut anytime soon, because I want to try to grow my hair long (but I might need to get layers).

I am just wondering on a few things.

My mom always takes me and my brother to Chatter's for our haircuts.

I am very certain they use silicones and shampoos that contains sulfates.

If my mom insists for me to get my haircut done at Chatter's, would it hurt for my hair to have sulfates/silicones for a few days, and I rinse with shampoo (that has sulfates) and then continue to use silicone free products after?

I will try ask my mom about a different hair stylist that specializes in curly hair, but she might not be willing to let me. So I wanted to know if that's ok or is it aboslutley nesscary for a curly hair stylist?

Another thing, if theres no curly hair stylists nearby, then what should I do?

Another thing I was wondering, is if layered curly hair is ok?

My hair isn't really layered (I asked 3 haircuts ago for layers but some forgot, one didnt really layer it).

I have shoulder length thin hair right now... I'm planning to let it grow longer though.


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    I get my hair done about every three months. My stylist is not a "curly stylist" per se, but she has naturally curly hair herself (about 2C) and she does a beautiful job with my hair (3A). I've been seeing her for about 6 years now. I let her use whatever products she wants and then just do a regular wash with a shampoo bar/ACV rinse a few days later (she straightens it as well). My hair always bounces right back into lovely curls without issue, and I don't get build up. Layers help my hair curl when done right, but it's important you talk to your stylist and get longer layers, especially if they cut your hair while it is wet.
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    If you do go to the same salon, simply ask for 'long layers held at a 45 degree angle'. They'll know what you mean. And you'll be fine if you wash after with a sulfate 'poo, just avoid the silicones after if youre following the CG method :)
    wanted to add: always say NO to thinning shears and NO to a razor!
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