You can do it!!!!!

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Hey ladies!!!

Just wanted to stop in and say don't give up on your hair journey to natural hair! It's definitely a journey, which can be hard at times, but in the end its a good ride.

I just realized I have been transitioning for 17 months, my 18 month mark will be in August. During the first year of my transition to help blend the 2 textures I have done a lot of bantu knots and my hair dresser does flat twist because I can't do those. LOL. I have also wore half wigs for days I don't wanna do my hair.

Once I hit my second year, I cut my hair to shoulder length which has helped me managed the 2 textures. I know do a lot of twists and twist outs.

Don't quit!!! This has been a learning process and I am glad I decided to take this path, I really love my hair.

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    Thank you, a lot. I'm 17 and I have been transitioning for about 6 months... Do you have any tips on keeping moisture in? I have very dry hair and little resources, thank you :)
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    Hi. The only way to maintain moisture is water. And using something to seal it in. You can try the L.O.C method (liquid, oil and a cream).

    After I wash my hair, I apply my leave in, oil and Shea butter or my product I'm gonna use to style.

    Also make sure the products you use have water first to help with moisture.

    Right now I am using the Shea moisture curl enchancing smoothie which keeps my hair soft.

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    :thumbleft:Lovely to read your story SCarrin, I'm sure it will inspire others transitioning not to give up. I wish I'd had someone to offer words of encouragement to me when I was growing out my relaxer a few years ago (I guess I had to learn the hard way that my natural hair wouldn't spring back overnight.) I'm so glad I hung on in there through the tears and frustration and I'm now rewarded with my lovely natural curls!

    Thanks for sharing!;-)
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