Transitioning from heat damaged pls help

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Hey curlies

Few ppl told me that Iam wasn't telling guy much, So im going to just get straight to it,
I never had a relaxer, I started to used heat when I was 10 the older I got the more I was straighting Smh idk why I didn't like my curls but Iam dyin to have them back I high lighted my hair 2 times and dyed it once BUT all the color damaged is cut off I had two bigchop first to get color out but I was still using heat.I bigchop again in Jan not I haven't used heat for 6 months but haven't seen much hair growth (
I have 3c/3b high porosity low elasticity around my ears I have fine thin hair my hair is to my shouders*
I used kcnt leave in and it made my hair hard then later on thru the day soft
I used shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie kinda heavy*
I used la looks sports gel makes my hair too hard
I used shea moisture style milk it was okay
Iam still using aphogee 2step but not planing to use it for long ( is this good for heat damaged too?)
Now I told you bout my hair and Wat I use now here are Wat Iam asking
•what is good low poo should I go for something with biotin or tea tree??
• what is a good light leave in n co wash ?
•where can I find Aubrey organic aloe Vera can't use oils or butters too heavy? I cant buy online I don't have a card
•in the middle of my head it's feels like straw how can I smooth it and keep moisture ?
I hope this helps and I hope someone can help !!!


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    Not to be rude, but it's hard to read this when there's hardly any punctuation...

    1. If your hair can take the extra protein, a good low-poo would be nature's gate biotin strengthening shampoo. you can find it at target, whole foods, vitamin shoppe, etc.
    Biotin Strengthening Shampoo |
    If you want something more moisturizing, try Shea moisture raw shea butter shampoo or sm black soap shampoo. both can be found at target.
    Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention... : Target
    Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention... : Target

    2. Some good co-washes are: V05 Strawberries & Cream, Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle, Suave Tropical Coconut and Trade Joe's Nourish

    Some good light leave-ins are: V05 Strawberries & Cream, KCKT, tresemme naturals con dish (you can water it down to make it lighter), jane carter revitalizing leave-in

    3. You can find Aubrey organic aloe Vera at whole foods

    4. That part of your head probably feels that way because of all of the protein treatments. Deep condition your hair and make sure you keep that area moisturized and see if it improves.
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