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i got a ouidad cut. and i told the stylist that my hair was always in my face. and i showed her the chunks that were always in my face. and right at the very end, she cut one like half-centimer tuft of hair right from the midline. and now it just looks stupid. it can only reach behind my ears if i pull it hard behind my ears. but it's not bangs because it's just one tuft of hair, sort of like an early 90s tendril, but from the center of my face, not from the side. it just looks odd! and i don't know what possessed her to do it. shouldn't she know better? anyways, idk if i should just let it grow out in the hopes that soon it will be long enough to blend with the rest of my hair. or if should get some more layers around my face, or even some bangs, to fix the weird tuft situation.


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    I don't have the answer but just offering support. I recently had a very disappointing haircut. I know how you feel. Maybe try to work with it for a little while but could get a consultation to see what another stylist suggests. Good luck and I'm sorry you aren't happy with your cut.
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    If you do decide to cut, go elsewhere.

    If you liked your hair before she added the tuft, grow it out.

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    You could also try asking the salon to fix it for you - try talking to the owner/mgr (if the owner isn't on the premises) and ask for a different stylist to fix it if you aren't comfortable with the skills of the first stylist. Why should you have to pay more money for someone to fix that salon's mistake? The stylist at that salon didn't do the job you wanted, the stylist at that salon should fix it and if you don't feel she has the skills, the salon should offer to fix it for you as a show of standing behind their salon's services. You could call and explain that to them (tactfully, of course ;) )
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