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My hair is a 3c, my hair is already defined enough so don't mention anything about that i need one answer is that is how can i weigh down my hair? i like the fresh out the shower look. i bought eco styler olive oil gel and mane n tail conditioner can i go heavy hand on the gel and conditioner so i can get the "wet look" . i LOVEEE the wet hair look because my hair don't shrink alot , i DO NOT like the big volume curly hair . i need advise , tips anything please helpp !


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    You can go as heavy handed as you want until you achieve the desired look. Just trial & error. You just might have to wash a few times a week if you don't already. Plus to refresh your hair the day after you try, re-wet it. A trick I use to get the wet look sometimes is conditioner style & then use a few spritz of my honey holding spray instead of gel to minimize frizz & keep it from shrinking. :) HTH

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    Jane Carter makes a product that gives hold and s wet look "sculpt &.... (can't remember the rest).

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    When I want to get that wet look instead of sporting an afro, I wet my hair in the shower and then apply a conditioner (VO5) with a heavy hand. I finger comb my hair, then seal with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) for my ends. My hair maintains that look until the next day. You can refreshen your hair with a mist of water if needed throughout the day.

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