Bought Shea Moisture moisture retention shampoo

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Sheesh, big decision, ladies! I pondered the Organix line (again) and the Renpure line (was somewhat limited in my Walgreens) and eventually I decided what the H, I am going to try THIS, the Shea Moisture. Well: It is a really nice shampoo. Feels very - smooth. My hair came out really nice today. This is a shampoo I would not feel nervous about using daily. AND - it is not too heavy for my hair. Thanks to all who recommended it. I see there is a shampoo of the same line for curls, but it was not at my Walgreens, and I didnt know if there is a difference between the two - comments appreciated. TIA!


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    Never tried the curl one, but I am in love with moisture retention shampoo. It works really well for my fine hair. I use it pretty much daily with no drying effects. Cowash tends to make my roots a tad greasy.
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    Are you talking about the Shea Moisture Curl and Shine shampoo?

    Shea Moisture Organic Shea Butter Curl & Shine Shampoo | Walgreens

    I have both shampoos and they are both very lovely. Both are very gentle - but I was say the curl and shine is a little bit less gentle (as far as shea moisture goes!) than the moisture retention shampoo. Both smell divine, don't make a huge tangle of my hair when done, and make conditioning much easier than a traditional no, low, or regular, shampoo. These are gold.

    The African soap based Shea Moisture shampoo however, is pretty awful IMO. Very stripping, and smells rotten.
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    Aislin, I bought the Moisture Retention shampoo. And I did notice that conditioning my hair after was different! interesting that you pointed that out. It was, as you say, easier - it was as if my hair just grabbed the conditioner.
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    I gave away my Curl and Shine shampoo. I guess it was what you would call "heavy". I didnt feel like it got my hair clean enough. I need everything out clean slate hair when I shampoo because my hair is fine and gets buildup easily.
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    Glad you are liking it!!
    I do have to switch it up to a more cleansing poo sometimes (and I don't always use the SM - I actually do multiple techniques for cleansing, depending on what my hair needs that day!)

    Remember this one won't remove build-up at all (from cones, oils, pollution, etc), so you may still find you need to clarify on occasion.

    I use the SMMR condish as my LI! (that or my trusty GVPCB). I use the masque as one of my RO's.

    I also find these last me a long time, so that's great!
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    Oh, yea, I am really loving it! I dont use a lot of product on my hair, and as I wash every day, I dont think build up is an issue. But, it may be that I need to use something stronger occasionally - or use an ACV rinse.
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    I really love this shampoo. Have been using it consistently for a couple of weeks now. My hair feel really moisturized after using.
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    For those of you who use The Shea Moisture retention shampoo, do you also use a conditioner? If so, what one(s) do you use? I use Cure Care with it, and it is a great combo. I have huge spiraly ringlets today, with my Deva volumizing foam, Biotera Gel (very sparingly), and just a touch of CIAB which I have recently added as a finishing touch to prevent frizz. I guess I am going to have to break down and purchase this product (got samples from Cathy Mack). I imagine it is only available on line...?
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    For conditioners I use: cure care, yes to carrots, or gvpcb. For a leave in I use KCKT. Right now my favorite is yes to carrots, but I sometimes mix the cure care in with it.
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    I've been using this shampoo for about a year and a half and love it. I use GF Pure Clean shampoo mixed with SheaM MRS about twice a month to clarify. For conditioners I'll use a rinse-out and/or leave-in depending on how my hair feels after it's poo'd with the SheaM. I don't always need it. I have the SheaM Curl & Shine shampoo but rarely use it. Like someone else said it's a little harsher than the MRS but not terrible. I didn't like the other shampoos at all (ABS Deep Cleansing or Y&B Thickening).
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    I haven't found any conditioners that I haven't liked with the moisture retention shampoo - even pulled some out that I didn't like before! I've used suave naturals coconut, GVPCB, Ion effective care, and GF pure clean (not too partial to this one, but it definitely works better with the sm shampoo than without)

    my hair used to drink conditioners - like a few palm-fulls to get it covered, but I think the argan oil in the shampoo seals it a bit because I can usually get the job done with 1 tbsp of conditioner - What a difference!
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