organix home keratin treatment???!!!

3bcurlyhair3bcurlyhair Registered Users Posts: 7
anyone tried the organix home keratin treatment??? if so did u like it and do u have any tips on it????:glasses8:thanks



  • GlitttergirrrlGlitttergirrrl Registered Users Posts: 13
    Do NOT do this! It did NOTHING good except damage it after having me straighten on 450 degree heat to "seal in the product" I can't stress it enough! This product is a waste of money! 😥
  • jenny1972jenny1972 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hi , totally disagree with the negative comment about the organix treatment. I have long , very curly ethnic hair and I love the product! My hair didn't get damaged and I color it too. Difficult to do alone if you have long hair so I have a friend do it. I don't wear my hair straight all the time but it keeps my curls relaxed and more manageable , not to mention soft. You can't expect a miracle for 14.99. If you want perfect hair then you have to spend 400.00 at the salon.
  • GlitttergirrrlGlitttergirrrl Registered Users Posts: 13
    Jenny1972, you must be a god then, because I've tried it twice, with no result. I even got help the second time. Any secrets?
  • Libra_MoonLibra_Moon Registered Users Posts: 255
    If you only straighten your hair once ina blue moon and leave it straight for a week, its a good think otherwise its a waste of time energy and effort.
    Not to mention money!!!
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