Protein and Elasticity? Help!

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I never really understood what elasticity was, but I finally just looked it up and tried to figure it out. It seems from the strand test I did that my hair has no elasticity at all!! I am protein sensitive and have eliminated all protein from my products (except One C - looking for a good replacement). I read somewhere that low elasticity means that you need some protein, so now I am really confused!! Can anyone tell me whether it would be a good idea to start doing a PT before my weekly DT?? And what would be a good PT? Help! Thanks!
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    If your hair has no elasticity and you're protein sensitive I would recommend try a DT or Moisturizing Treatment without protein first. If your hair is extremely elastic (and snotty like) afterwards you can always try something with a bit of protein in it (like a styling product).
    I'm afraid that you end up with limp straw like hair when you do a PT first.

    You might like reading this:
    It has pictures as well.

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