Can you train your hair?

powimtashapowimtasha Registered Users Posts: 7
Hey Curlies !
I need help .. I just thought about this:

Can you train your hair to a certain curl without heat?
Heres the breakdown of what I mean:
You know how your hair can be trained to be straight if you keep straightening it? Yes?
Well, say if you do Bantu Knots or use FlexiRods alot,
do you think your hair can be trained that way ?


  • SwirlySkaiSwirlySkai Registered Users Posts: 40
    No, because it's not damaging your hair to go to a different curl pattern. Love your hair the way it is :) after all, God made you and your hair special and one of a kind. So enjoy it, because youre the ONLY one with it :))

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