Aloe Vera Plant help?

Lo.CurlyLo.Curly Posts: 14Registered Users
Is it possible that an aloe vera plant's whole leave can be used to make a hair gel?
Via crushing it up pretty good. I just don't want to waste the plant I've proud;y grown.

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  • curlsoulcurlsoul Posts: 27Registered Users
    AVG straight from the plant should work just as well as in the bottle as a gel. I used to use it straight from the plant for my sunburns, but not hair yet. I think it works better to cut down the length of a single leaf and scrape out the insides as opposed to crushing the whole leaf to get the most gel and have it be less messy. Make sure your Aloe plant is healthy though before you use the gel. Mine got sick, it didn't get enough sun to thrive and the gel started to smell bad. It might be more cost-effective to buy it by the bottle instead of cutting leaves off the plant, but then again it may work better straight from the source or if you have aloe naturally in your garden.
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    when ever i want the gel from the aloe, i cut the hard green off and just use the gelly, i do it as carefully as i can so that i get as mch out as i can

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