Graduation hats and curly hair

stinestine Posts: 27Registered Users
Well I graduate in 33 days, 17 hours, and 29 minutes and I am super pumped! But I am wondering how on earth I should wear my hair for the ceremony. We have the hats that will leave a major case of flat frizzy hat hair, which I want to avoid for my grad party which is immediatly afterwards.

So how are other graduation curlys wearing their hair? OR how would you wear your hair to avoid a serious case of hat hair.

If it helps, my hair is long 3a/3b that hits right past my shoulder. I would prefer to wear it down. For my party afterwards I am wearing a one shouldered floral dress.


  • RingletTeenLoveRingletTeenLove Posts: 116Registered Users
    Straightened it

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  • heavenlycurls11heavenlycurls11 Posts: 75Registered Users
    Naptural85 did a tutorial on youtube.

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  • SimplySophiaSimplySophia Posts: 54Registered Users
    Waterlily716 might also have some good youtube videos though I don't remember a specific one for graduation though. Maybe just put some extra gel on the top of your hair to try and keep it down...
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  • stinestine Posts: 27Registered Users
    I have not straightened my hair for years, mostly because I hate how it looks, and it ruins my hair.

    I can give those youtube tutitorials a try. Thank you guys!
  • curly_emcurly_em Posts: 33Registered Users
    I just graduated college in December and it was right after I went CG and stopped straightening. I jut wore my hair like I normally do and luckily I didn't have hat hair! My hair is 2a/b btw. I would just say make sure your hair is totally dry before you put your cap on.
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