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OK I think I want to take the plunge and go for black hair. If my hair has previously been hennaed (and I've used a henna indigo mix before too) do I have to do a hennaing before using indigo? Can I just put it in dry hair? Also, when I do root touch ups, do I have to henna the hair first?

I've used not so good henna on my hair before. I've not had any bad reactions using indigo on top of this, but I've never used indigo in the 2-step process before. Will I be ok if I've been ok in the past?


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    With the two step, you'll need to do a full-head henna application first, and immediately after rinsing and drying a bit with a microfiber towel or shirt, apply the indigo full-head and wrap like you would with henna. I left mine on for about 2 hours, then rinsed and my hair was jet black. I find that applying to damp, not dripping wet hair works great, and allows you to spread the goop easily and evenly.

    Indigo is a little more drippy than henna, so don't add too much water or you'll have it running down your neck all day.

    After rinsing, don't use any products with silicone as it'll fade the indigo quite a bit. And when mixing the indigo, use distilled/filtered water because indigo is finicky with minerals and oils. Rinse with a silicone free conditioner like V05, as it provides great slip and allows for super easy removal so you're not bent over the side of the tub for half a day rinsing.

    I'm not sure about root touch-ups, as I exclusively use henna now, but I know the long hair community (The Long Hair Community) has tons of information about doing root touch-ups with indigo and henna. HTH!!
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