How to put up long hair to wash face?

angelalynncangelalynnc Registered Users Posts: 42 Curl Neophyte
Has anyone found good ways to put/tie up their long hair when you wash your face in the morning/night? For years I have been doing the 'bun' and securing it with a claw clip but my hair has started breaking off badly at the crown (I also have thinning hair that falls out very bad; thyroid problems and early menopause) I started to think maybe all the daily twisting was causing it to break off?? But now I'm fighting with ways to wash my face! My hair is pretty long so the 'ponytail loop' does not work, hair falls on my neck and gets wet....anyone else have similar problems?? :banghead:
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  • aubrinicoleeeaubrinicoleee Registered Users Posts: 2
    I normally use a headband and put my hair back and then put it in a bun. Maybe use a headband and then put your hair in a loose bun?
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    As rightly said above, you must put a broad hair band, preferably the cloth ones and tie up your hair in a bun. This is the easiest and best method to wash your face. It shouldn't be too much of a trouble. A pony tail may still come in front while washing and your hair can end up getting wet.
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    At night, I already have my hair up in a pineapple in a loose scrunchie when washing my face, and that usually does the job. If any of still tries to fall in my face, I just stick a long duckbill clip in that bit long enough to finish washing my face.

    In the morning I just rinse my face in the shower, and if I'm not washing my hair, I have a shower cap on - I just loosely pile my hair up enough to get it up in there, no tight twisting or anything. That's something else you might try even if just washing your face at the sink . . . .
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    Thanks for the suggestions:king: What an odd problem right?!?! I have been bunching it all up in a shower cap th elast week or so and that works pretty good; i'll see if I can give extra hold with a loose bun because it still flops in my face through the shower cap! ha. Hopefully since I'm starting the CG and protien it will get stronger and I won't be so worried about the twisting and breaking in the first place!
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    Getting started & trying to figure it all out!

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