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Hey maybe you guys can help me I seriously have no idea what hair type I am?? I have been wearing my hair for two months now and I am not sure what products to use because I don't know what type of hair I have. Some have said 3a? I was thinking 3b maybe.. c6b98707-9c30-af07.jpgc6b98707-9c3c-32a1.jpg Here are some pictures?


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    ah, don't fall into the "Well I'm a 3a so I should use these products" trap.

    What are your hair properties? That'll help much more than curl pattern.

    For what it's worth, you look very similar to me, so my vote is 3a/3b
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    Totally agree, hair type is of less importance then properties for picking products/ingredients. Here's a link to help you determine yours: Live Curly Live Free - Home
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