CG and coloring, Revlon Colorsilk, etc.

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Reason I ask is because although I've been on a modified CG routine for the last 3 years AND color my hair, I'm wondering if the CG method really works with colored hair. For a long time my hair was doing just fine, but now it's just dry, no matter what I do. I've been using the same color product for the last 3 years too, the Revlon Colorsilk as it it's permanent(I do have a good bit of grey that does NOT look good au naturel)but has no ammonia in it. The last 2-3 times I colored my hair however, it seemed to dry my hair out. Over on MUA, a few people have also commented that the Revlon Colorsilk had dried out their hair over the last few months too, so it's not just me. Any Colorsilk users here noticing similar?
Or maybe CG really only works if one DOESN'T color one's hair, and sort of does if one does color.
What do you all think? Thanks!


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    I don't use Colorsilk but I color my hair and I'm CG. I don't think coloring and CG are incompatible at all. In fact the same things that benefit your curls should help offset the drying effects of coloring. I know a lot of people like Colorsilk but my experience with boxed haircolor was that it really did a number drying my hair out. I use professional color now.) I suppose it's possible Colorsilk has changed their formula and that's to blame for the increase in your dryness. But I also wonder if you need to use more moisturizing cowash & conditioner. I would also make sure your styling products don't have drying ingredients. Good luck!
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    @Curlini - I did change my DT to a richer one, which is listed below. Here's my routine:

    co-wash: Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut conditioner
    rinse/out conditioner: GVP Conditioning Balm
    DT - One 'n Only Argan Oil Hydrating Mask
    once every couple weeks: shampoo with non-silicone shampoo, since I'm 2c-3a
    once a month just prior to coloring: GVP Reconstructing Conditioner(knock-off of Joico K-pak)
    styling: LA Looks Nutra-Curl gel(the new one to replace the older Curl Look gel that I used for years)

    I might switch over to Sally Beauty Supply Ion Brilliance Creme Formula Permanent hair color - that gets great reviews and has richer colors besides. I can't use demi-permanent colors - too much grey and they DON'T cover.
    How does this routine sound to you? I'm giving the new DT(since I just got this a couple of weeks ago and have used it twice now)a chance. My hair does seem to be better after using this, for a few days anyway. Is that normal for rich DTs?

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