goldencurly had her baby!!!!!

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And he has curly strawberry blond hair! And dark grayish-blue eyes!! Yay for curly babies!!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

Golden and baby did have a few complications, and she did have him a few weeks early, but they are both doing well now. For the time being, she and her family are staying at her mom’s house. She doesn’t have internet access there and isn’t sure yet when they’ll be going back home. She asked me to pass on to everyone here at that she misses everyone and will post again just as soon as she can. She also said to tell ya’ll that she really appreciates everyone’s prayers, thoughts, and positive vibes. :D

Shortly after I posted on Peppy’s thread earlier this morning that I hadn’t heard anything from goldencurly yet, I left my house to do several hours worth of errands (many of which, ironically, were for a baby shower we’re having for my stepdaughter on Saturday). I grabbed the mail out of the box on my way out but didn’t look at it until I was already in Richmond. When I saw there was an envelope in there from goldencurly, I tore it open and out fell a birth announcement with a picture of the baby (he is beautiful!!) as well as the nicest note from golden, it made me cry those happy tears! And it was just killing me that I was stuck in Richmond far away from my computer, lol!

I think it’s best to let golden tell everyone whatever details she likes when she returns to, but I couldn’t wait to get online this evening and let ya’ll know that she’s well and will be back online as soon as she can. Oh, and one more thing – this is silly, I know, but it makes me grin from ear to ear – she had her baby on my birthday!


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    Thank you!!!! Everyone will be so relieved :D
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    Thanks so much for posting this. What a relief to know everything's ok!
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    Thanks so much for posting this! What great news!
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    Yay! I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that!! :D
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    God doesn't give special kids to special parents. He takes ordinary, imperfect people, and gifts them with his greatest treasures. And therein, he creates special parents.

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    awesome. :D
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    What a relief. Great news! :D
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    that's fantastic news! thanks for the update and congratulations Goldencurly!!!!!
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    That is such great news! Glad they are both well. :D
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    Yay!!! :D
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    Thank God! I'm so glad to hear she and baby are doing well!

    And...that was SCARY. Don't any of you EVER disappear without leaving word with SOMEONE to come and tell us!

    Rock on with your bad self.


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    word PH word

    Come swag with me!
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    I bumped the other thread before I saw this one!

    I'm so glad everyone is okay!!!! :D
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    This is such a nice story...
    I'm glad it has such a happy ending. :)
    Congrats to GoldenCurly!
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    Congrats to GC!
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    Good. I'm glad to hear her and the little one are doing fine! Thanks for letting us know!
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    Whew, what a relief! And I can't wait to see adorable curly baby pictures!!!
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    This is such good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    i'm glad she and baby are doing well..
    Poodlehead wrote:
    Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master! :lol:
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    Oh, that's good to know. :)

    So glad that she and her baby are doing well!


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    Great news! Yay! :)
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    Best news I've heard all week!!!!

    Congrats Golden! We've missed you!!!!

    And thank you, B-wavy! :D
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    YAY!!!!!! :D I'm so relieved!!!! Great news!!!
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    Awesome news. Thanks B-Wavy.

    And Congrats to GC, Daddy and baby. Glad to hear everyone is doing okay. We were worried.
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    Yay! Congratulations to gcurly and family - I'm so relieved everyone is doing so well!
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    Oh thank goodness!!!

    For the ladies that tried to contact her, thank you all so much - I for one sincerely appreciate it!

    Can't wait to see her on the boards again! :D
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