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I've been chemical-free (other than daily styling products) for about 4-5 years, but I get bored with my naturally dark brown hair color and now I want to dye it again. However, my hair is currently BSL, and I'm aiming for WL, and it's prone to dryness. I want to keep it healthy, but I also want to lift it to like a caramel brown. It's maybe only a couple of levels up, but I want to avoid bleach, I know it damages no matter what (I went to beauty school a while back). I've stumbled upon honey and cinnamon lightening, and I've done 4 treatments, and the results are visible but VERY subtle at this juncture. Should I just stick with honey/cinnamon 'til I get my desired look (which could take a LONG time, lol), or have any of you curlies tried Naturetint (seems to be the least-damaging way to lift color commercially, that's I've found....)? Anybody else doing the honey/cinnamon lightening? Does it eventually dry out your hair? If so, how many treatments did you do 'til you got what you wanted? If any of you have used Naturetint, was is as "damage-free" as they claim (in your experience)?


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