Using Lemon-- need some help with details.

wingedmonsterwingedmonster Registered Users Posts: 3
Hello everyone! I have in between 3 and 3c hair, and want to lighten it with something natural.

Someone suggested to me lemon, and I searched these message boards a bit but want to know a bit more.

When applying, I know to dilute it with water, but should it be half water half lemon, or some other ratio?
Can I make a mix with it, maybe with extra virgin olive oil? (I've used that in my hair and it worked wonders for moisture-- maybe it could help with the drying of the lemon?
I also saw something about honey- is that better to mix it with than oil?
About how long should I keep it in, and how long should I stay in the sun?

Sorry if some of these questions are a bit repetitious of previous posts, and thanks for any help!!


  • CurlyFireHorseCurlyFireHorse Registered Users Posts: 350 Curl Neophyte
    I recommend honey because it has peroxide in it. Lightening naturally is a pretty gradual process. During the winter, when my hair starts to darken, I add lemon juice and (depending on the dew point) honey to my products. Also, heat from your hair dryer will help the process. HTH
    Hair: 2a or 3a (not sure), very porous and fine as frog hair
    Day 1: Cowash and condition with AO GPB, ACV Rinse,
    Co-Kra gel (this stuff is fantastic)

    Day 2: KCKT, KCCC, plop, KCCC, plop again, air dry
    Day 3: Curly Kinks Satin Roots, Coil Jam
    Day 4: IAGirl's PT, KBB DT, FSG

    Co-Kra gel is my own concoction of okra boiled in coconut milk. It is a cross between FSG and KCCC and leaves my hair very soft and shiny
  • ElderflowerElderflower Registered Users Posts: 176
    I've found that lemon juice lightens best, but it is VERY drying. I dilute it in a spray bottle - 2/3 water to 1/3 lemon juice. I also add a bit of hydrogen peroxide. You can sit in the sun, or use a blowdryer.

    Honey doesn't lighten much but I've seen people have success with a honey deep treatment. You use a blob of honey, some evoo and dilute it down with water. Let it sit for at least a few hours before applying it. You can add deep cond if it is too sticky.

    I always use honey in my conditioner (after shampooing), almost on a daily basis - just whenever I shampoo. I've not found that it has lightened my hair. I only use a dab per quarter-sized blob of condish and leave it on a few mins.
  • wingedmonsterwingedmonster Registered Users Posts: 3
    Thanks for the replies. I just hate that my hair gets dry so easy-- i might have to use one of your ideas, elderflower. Does the honey make your hair sticky? (Sorry if thats a dumb question)
  • ElderflowerElderflower Registered Users Posts: 176
    No, but make sure you use a small blob in relation to your conditioner amount, and mash it all around really good in your hands before applying!

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