Post-partum hair loss

NessyNessy Posts: 788Registered Users
I had a baby boy 4 months ago and I have started to lose soooo much hair. I'm also experiencing scalp pain/itchiness. I know the hair loss is normal, but is the pain and itchiness in the scalp normal? Did any of you experience this, and what can I do to help with the pain/itch?



  • AmnerisAmneris Posts: 15,117Registered Users
    It didn't happen to me, but I've had friends who went through it. It's probably normal, but I know hair loss can be caused by hormonal issues, so I'd see a doctor just in case.
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    I think consulting a doctor is a good idea...preferably a dermatologist, but even a family practice doctor. You'll want to make sure the hairloss/itching really is from post-partum hormones, and not something fixable, like thyroid or fungal issues.
  • NessyNessy Posts: 788Registered Users
    Thanks ladies. I do have an appt with our fam doctor next week for my son so I will ask her about my hair then. I hope it's just normal post-baby hair loss!
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    I did have noticeable hair loss after my second child, but once hormones got themselves back in balance or whatever, my hair grew back just as it had been before I was pregnant. I did NOT, however, have pain and itchiness, so I'm glad you're planning to see a medical professional.
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    Funny, I had the pain BEFORE the hair fell out! It felt like it was growing in places it shouldn't have been. Itchiness too.
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