how do you apply your gel?

How do you apply your gel? Soaking wet? Blot first? Do you rake through? Scrunch? Smooth? I feel like everyone apply’s gel to soaking wet hair, and every time I do this, I have a bad hair day. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe this just doesn’t work for me? I also cannot get hard hold gels, like biosilk rock hard gelee to work for me, and I think that has something to do with the fact that applying gel to soaking wet hair does not work for me….but with this gel and other hard hold gels when I do my “normal” routine of blotting/scrunching with a towel, and then smoothing and crunching in gel….the hard hold gels get too crispy on me….

So I’m just curious as to how other curlies out there apply there gel. Currently I’m using angel, and this gel seems to work best on me when I blot first with my microfiber towel, then smooth and scrunch in gel upside down…then I diffuse upside down for about 5 minutes and then right side up for 5 minutes.


  • twistedgirltwistedgirl Posts: 87Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    wow.. sorry i really cant help you there.. i have the exact same problem as you..
  • KaiaKaia Posts: 8,815Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Hmmm, the only way I can have a good hair day is if I apply gel to sopping wet hair. I smooth some on first on the back, sides, and front of my hair, then rake through once or twice, then scrunch a lot. Then I plop with the gel in my hair. Everyone's hair is different though.
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    I've never had much luck applying gel to soaking wet hair and then plopping.

    I normally plop in a microfiber towel long enough to keep my hair out of the way while I get dried off and put on my face cream. I then scrunch-in my gel, first while upside down. Then I'll part my hair and scrunch in some more gel while right side up.
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    soaking wet, smooth and scrunch
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    I wonder if the gel itself makes a difference on application. I use Paul Mitchell Super Sculpting Gel and Styling Glaze mixed together. They are not hard gels, but I don't use them on soaking wet hair, as I don't like the sensation and feel that more falls off my hair than goes on. It also takes too long to dry if I put gel on soaking wet hair.

    My normal routine - I wrap my head in a towel long enough to get out of the shower and dry off. Then I comb through my leave-in conditioner (Abba Nourishing). Then I apply my gel mix in 3 sections - top, middle, ends. I smoosh, scrunch, rake, twist, whatever it takes to get it all through my hair (my hair is thick, so it take a bit of manipulation to get all layers covered). Then I comb through and finish styling.
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  • mopsymopsy Posts: 153Registered Users
    I'm brushing the gel through. I wait about 10, 15 minutes after I get out of the shower, rub the gel and a little water between my hands, sort of scrunch/rake through my hair, then brush it in with one long stroke for each section. Then scrunch again. I found I need less gel because the brush distributes it more evenly. The final scrunch brings back the curl. So far this seems to be working.
  • CurlyQTPieCurlyQTPie Posts: 447Registered Users
    I think it's the individual hair type. Like for me, 3b, I have to put product on sopping wet hair or else it won't work. As soon as my hair starts to dry, it starts to frizz unless there is something on it.

    Also, I don't just put gel on, first I put on some leave-in condish, CCSC and RR or LOOB and then I follow with gel, although some days I can just get away with the leave-in condish and gel.

    Either way, I need something under the gel. Then I blot with a towl or plop depending on my mood. I'm not always guranteed a good result with plopping.
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    I smooth my gel in standing up, and sometimes gently rake. Then, I flip over and scrunch.

    Hth :]

    eta: and I do this all on sopping wet hair.

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    Well, it's been almost 2 months since I last wore any gel, but I would do similar to what others have done - blot out excess water, smooth and/or rake it through then scrunch it in. Oh & over top a leave-in conditioner or styling cream done the same way as the gel.
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    I scrunch gel (Batia & Aleeza is my current favorite) into soaking wet hair, upside down, while still standing in the shower. I finger comb it through, scrunch in more gel, blot with micro fiber towel, and then scrunch in just a bit more gel, all with my head upside down. Then I diffuser dry, scrunching my hair as I dry, for the first 5 minutes or so, then I stop touching my hair and just move the diffuser around until my hair is about 70% - 80% dry.

    I never used to have success applying gel to soaking wet hair, but once I got my technique down (combined with drying, as mentioned above), I've had amazing curl formation.

    But like anything else, what works for some, doesn't work for others. (For instance, plopping/plunking does NOT work for me.)
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