I bc yesterday n now I want a color

trininaturaltrininatural Posts: 34Registered Users
Hey curly friends, I wanted to know if anyone knows about any natural hair color, or should I just go to a natural hair salon since its my first time???

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  • itsiliiiitsiliii Posts: 340Registered Users
    Well there's always henna
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  • lilbrandy89lilbrandy89 Posts: 6Registered Users
    Going to a salon,that is known for dyeing hair, is always best
    .good luck
  • SusieSuzeSusieSuze Posts: 524Registered Users
    itsiliii wrote: »
    Well there's always henna

    Never been happier with my decision to go this route... if you want to keep nice condition, and avoid all the damage and chemicals, henna is limited with colour choice but really super amazing if you want red tones!

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