Natural Hair Buddy Wanted

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First off I had my last relaxer in Oct 2010 and really haven't been maintaining my hair very well or being completely natural. When I first decided to go natural my would often get frustrated and end up putting in a weave or braids just so I didn't have to deal with my hair. A little over a year later and my hair has grown a lot, but it still needs a lot of work. My edges have grown back for the most part even thought they are slightly thin. Any who this weekend I am planning on BCing and if anyone is planning on doing it any time soon or recently I would to have a natural hair buddy and share my story with them. I finally decided that I was ready to really put effort into my hair and let it be displayed in all it's glory. So if anyone is interested feel free to reply or pm me :)

- Didrah
Hair type: 4a thick and medium
Last relaxer: Oct 2010
Current Hair Style: afro

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    Hey girl I am goin to bc today after 8.5 months of transitioning am excited but also nervous I never had short hair so am really scared of how I will look but am gna embrace it, good luck on ur journey n keep me posted. I will post pics after I get back from the salon

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