HELP! Can my go-to transitioning style be a bun?

christianaLAITHchristianaLAITH Posts: 22Registered Users
My simple routine in the mornings.

Co-wash (EVERYDAY) with Garnier triple nutrition conditioner and detangle. then i rinse.
When i get out of the shower, I blow dry (on cool) until my hair is just damp. then i use a brush, not the bristle kind. (i'm not sure what it's called) and some styling gel and some antifrizz serum and slick my hair back into a bun. Is this bad for my hair?

also, can you give me tips on how to sleep with my hair? i just leave it out, but i recently learned you can get more damage from that.


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    My go to style has been a bun for the past year and it's been working out quite well. To sleep I recommend you cover your bin with a bonnet. Good luck!
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  • christianaLAITHchristianaLAITH Posts: 22Registered Users
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    You might want to at least cowash every Other day and the blowdryer might cause some serious damage in the long run... but i've been transitioning for almost 6 months and i've worn my hair in a bun everyday &i'm doing good. :) just make sure your ends are tucked away and if you can't hide then i recommend putting oils on the ends.

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  • RonnieajRonnieaj Posts: 304Registered Users
    Don't forget your edges. Bunning daily can take a toll on them if you're not careful. Be sure not to pull too tightly or brush them into submission daily.
  • _afRoTiME_afRoTiME Posts: 8Registered Users
    i am on my 8th month of transitioning and I've also used buns as a protective style...i try to tuck the ends with a bobby pin rather than using an elastic

    also, when I sleep at night, I twist it in a bun on top of my head but remove the elastic. I secure the ends with a bobby pin again and tie my silk scarf over it.

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