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Hi everyone!

I ws wondering what everyone's favorite budget products are. I love products but can't afford to spend $20 on one item with the speed that I use them.

I'm a 3a/b and right now I'm using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition for my Co-wash

Generic Conditioning Balm and Shea Moisture Hair Mask for my DT

And a Suave gel that no longer exists for my styling product.

My next purchase will be FOTE Aloe Gel.

What about you?

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  • Corrina777Corrina777 Posts: 3,204Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I have to use a lighter conditioner for co-washing than the GFTN- I found that Tresemme Naturals Readiant Volume works really well for me. I use either GFTN or Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture as my RO and LI. And I'm a huge fan of LA Looks gel- I like both the Nutra Curl and the Sports Gel.

    I know a lot of people love Suave and VO5 but they just didn't work well for me.
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    My hair has expensive taste :D. I do indulge on occasion and when financially able, but when I'm on a tight budget, this is what works for me;

    suave conditioners
    Vo5 conditioners
    Walgreens bioinfusion- rosemary mint (try and find it on sale!)

    Conditioner (rinse-out):
    GVP conditioning balm :love7:
    Yes to tomatoes/cucumbers (on sale)
    Garnier fructis sleek & shine
    Tresseme naturals (one with avocado oil?)

    Flaxseed gel (make my own, dirt cheap!)
    Biosilk rock hard gelee (I purchase the liter from overstock and it last a year or so)
    Aubrey organics mandarins magic gelly
    Biotera gel (liter lasts a long time)
    Ecostyler gel-olive oil or Argan (mixed with FSG gives me great results)

    Deeply treatments:
    Any conditioner mixed with olive oil and/honey
    Oil treatments
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    I use renpure poo and conditioner, biolage conditioning balm(only cuz it was on sale) suave gel, or some aloe vera gel, suave hairspray.

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  • Nikki3bNikki3b Posts: 327Registered Users
    I love trader joes nourish spa conditioner no matter how much my routine changes 3$, la looks polish perfect 2$, tresemme naturals cond 5$, unfortunately my co- wash was as cheap as everything else :(

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