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Does anyone ever get so impatient they find themselves cutting off the relaxed ends here and there just to see their natural hair? Or is it just me? How long have you been transitioning?

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  • acarricoacarrico Posts: 60Registered Users
    So funny to see your post. I am really struggling with my hair right now. As a white woman with 3b/c hair (growing up in a rural white neighborhood), my hair has been a mystery to me my WHOLE life. No one around me understood what was growing out of my head. I went to a black stylist in college and it was the first time I wasn't treated with amazment and oddity. Smile. I got my first relaxer. It was too expensive for college so I kept buying "perms" and just combing my hair straight. I finally grew out all the perms/relaxer and had a lot of my hair cut off. Just a few months after that a stylist told me about the Brazilian Blowout. I had two of those done over a year ago because they were "temporary." I figured it would wash out over time. Right! I still don't have my curls back and am dealing with different textures ALL OVER AGAIN. I have been contemplating a "big chop" but I don't like my hair short. I did it years and years ago and bawled and bawled. I am pretty beside myself at this point. I feel a bit freakish!!! Just got an email today from Sephora on some new straightening product (Bumble and Bumble Concen-Straight) - which is why I visited the site today. I wish above all that I could just learn to deal with my natural hair. I am so tired of trying to change my hair!!!! Sigh...
    I keep trying to envision what it would look like if I chopped all the BB ends off...
    Why do I waste all this energy on HAIR????
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    All. The. Tiiiime! I'm 7 months post and I've cut my hair about 4 times. I cut my hair once a month or whenever I take out my box braids. I've noticed that my hair is growing like crazy!!! The more I cut, the more my hair grows which is totally fine with me!

    My hair is chin length and I can honestly say my hair is 50% natural, 50% relaxed. By June, I'll be a year post relaxer and hopefully fully natural!
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    Hey ladies am 8months post relaxer and I am considering doin a big chop this weekend am not good at styling my hair and the two textures is working against me am not accustomed to.short hair but hair grows back if I cut now it will be a good length by summer . So I think am going to do it, I was originally gna wait till my year mark In may but I Dnt think I can make it that far

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    Story of my life okay! Hahah I do it all the time and I am 1 & 1/2 years post relaxer. I am pretty sure all transitioners do and I am especially now because I am about an inch to half and inch away from being au naturale! Wooooooo <3
  • TriMixDivaTriMixDiva Posts: 255Registered Users
    Yes definitely! I am also growing out a brazilian treatment :/

    I initially did like a half inch trim and then 2 days ago I cut off 4 inches!! I love my beautiful curls coming in so Yes I'm trying to get to them sooner or later while becoming slowly comfortable with shorter and shorter hair lol.
    TYPE: 3C
    Current State: Just bc'd but still growing out heat damage in the front that goes to the root
    High Density, Medium Porosity
    Length: Grazing SL curly with tons of layers
    Goal: MBL curly? 2019?
    Doing what I want when I want!

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