Hi guys - newbie here from the UK

Hi Guys!

My name's Shelley and I'm from the UK.

I have recently discovered the CG method, and although it has made some difference, am having a few teething problems!

I believe I have type 3a hair (mostly curly and well defined).

Here are my problems:

First of all, unless I dry my hair with a diffuser, it takes ALL day to dry. And it's really not nice walking round with wet hair in the UK, it's wet and cold over here!!! Anyway, how much damage does a diffuser actually do to your hair, on hot heat? Is there anything CG that I can use to protect it? How long does your hair take to air dry and what do you do with it while you are waiting?

Secondly, I still can't make all my curls defined! I have stubborn curls which just frizz! Maybe it's my hair routine. Could somebody link me to your daily routines?

Currently, I co-wash, use a leave in conditioner, and then use a gel.

Thanks in advance, I look forward to meeting lots of helpful friends here :):)



  • GretchenGretchen Administrator Moderators Posts: 10,840 Curl Virtuoso
    Just wanted to say welcome to NaturallyCurly.

    I've moved your thread over here to this forum; I think you'll get more help here!

    I will say that a lot of curlies have luck with diffusing their hair til it's about 75% dry and then air drying the rest; that might help you!

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!
  • proudcurlygirlyproudcurlygirly Registered Users Posts: 478
    :hello2:Hello Shelley and welcome!

    As a fellow UK curly, I understand your frustration re. the cold and wet climate and the effect it has on our hair (not to mention the gales we're currently experiencing which don't help!) My routine is pretty much the same as yours - I co-wash, rinse out, leave in, apply gel, then diffuse 'til it's 60-70% dry. I then air dry the rest of the way before I SOTC. As long as I get regular trims, I haven't noticed any major damage as a result of diffusing. I still get slight frizz, but I've come to accept it as part of my curly hair texture.

    Good luck and best wishes. :icon_smile:
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  • emilyscurlsemilyscurls Registered Users Posts: 21
    Maybe try plunking/plopping for 20 minutes or so while you go about your morning routine, and then diffusing afterwords? Plunking is sort of like wrapping your hair in a towel, except you can use a cotton t-shirt or a special made towel since the terry-cloth isn't good for curls. I find that my hair dries faster when I plunk.
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    Looking for a good DT and products with water soluble cones.
  • fightingfrizzfightingfrizz Registered Users Posts: 65
    Emily, if you use product, do you apply it before putting the towel or wrap on your hair? I've read that product is best applied to wet curly hair, so maybe I should be doing that before plunking. Thanks!
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